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CCTV price
CCTV price

CCTV price

Is security more important than anything?

Is it possible to guarantee 100% spatial security or personal safety?

These are questions that may be on everyone’s mind. And he really wants to get a 100% answer. Today’s world, given its advances, has been able to answer these questions to a large extent.

Yes, sometimes it can even be said that with the advent of CCTV technology, people are somewhat more secure. But as you know, the financial price paid for the security of people, even if it is relatively high, but you may not be visible. Because living with security and peace is the first and most necessary option for the survival of humanity.
Prices of various types of CCTV cameras

As mentioned in the previous articles, there are CCTV cameras with different brands in the world, which are designed differently depending on the technology and image quality. Also, with the development of the industry, these models are changing rapidly. But about the price of various types of CCTV cameras, it can be said that there are several well-known global brands in Iran, and most people are somewhat familiar with these titles. Because they are very high quality and universal. These brands, such as Panasonic or Bosch, can take over the Iranian market. But the price of these cameras are divided into different models based on features and quality.

Hamrah Sehba Company is known as the reference agency of these two brands and several other brands in Iran. Dear ones, you can see the general and detailed information of these brands by referring to Sehba site, products section.
The best brand of CCTV in Iran

As we mentioned in the previous paragraph, some brands in Iran have established a good position. One of these brands is Panasonic. The latest technology in the world can be seen in this brand and its models. Panasonic brand with very strong and professional lenses that are very important in image quality is the first letter. Also, with the superior processing technology, it has been able to create a certain speed of action. Existence of very professional and sensitive sensors is one of the advantages of this brand being professional. It also uses the latest technology, 4k, for image transfer.

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