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CCTV equipment
CCTV equipment

CCTV equipment

You may also think that CCTV is essentially the same camera that mounts to a wall or a specific location. Surely there are people who have this idea. But we will explain to you that when the word CCTV is used. A complete package of several devices that must be connected together to pursue a specific goal.

This package is also called CCTV. CCTV equipment is one of the main pillars, if one of them does not exist, the CCTV will not make sense.
Types of CCTV equipment

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, the CCTV camera includes a package. This package is known as CCTV equipment. Includes DVR (DVR) and NVR (NVR) – Special cables – Data storage hard drive – Display or monitor – Spotlight – Rack or compartment for storage of equipment – DVR card – Adapter (power supply) – Duct or pipe They are flex or metal – sockets – plugs.

DVR device

One of the most important parts of a CCTV camera is a device called a DVR, which stands for Digital Video Recorder. The device works by taking images from the camera and storing them on a space called the hard drive. In this way, the images that are transferred to the DVR are analog. From here, the DVR device starts working and stores these images on the rabbit digitally.


This device is also responsible for recording images on the hard drive. The difference is that in NVR, which stands for Network Video Recorder, the CCTV system is networked and the DVR system is analog. In fact, NVR is equivalent to a server in a network CCTV system. This device has a classification based on the number of channels and input bandwidth. Based on the number of channels (4 channels – 8 channels – 16 channels – 32 channels) there is the ability to install the camera.

CCTV cables
Special cables

There are cables for communication between these devices, which are different for DVR and NVR devices. In DVR, the cable is coaxial. But network cable is used in NVR
Hard disk data storage

A hard drive is a device for storing data, which is placed in a CCTV system in the NVR and DVR and the videos recorded from the camera are stored and stored on this hard drive.
Display or monitor

Through this device, it plays the videos mentioned in the above processes. This monitor can have different sizes.

Cameras have features for night vision called IR, which covers a short distance, so in most places near the camera, projectors or floodlights are installed to have a wider field of view.

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